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Because of the difficulty in finding adequate material for Brazilian youth choirs, Dr. Costa has developed a peculiar way of arranging music for her groups, which turned to be of good help for many choirs in Brazil and abroad. She privileges the beauty of the Brazilian music - especially MPB (Música Popular Brasileira) - also considering any style, rhythm or even nationality that will attract teenagers or singers of all ages to join a choir. With simplicity and sensibility she builds easy, but effective, arrangements to make people enjoy singing together, from the very first moment.

Dr. Costa offers her arrangements free of charge, expecting to contribute to those choir directors who are seeking for easy music for their groups. They are separated in 10 volumes, with six arrangements each. And the covers bring the content description. At this moment the arrangements are being reorganized and will be updated soon, to make them easier to find while bringing the most recent arrangements to the public. 

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